The set of students on the first course of studies to the Aerospace faculty of the National aviation university is conducted after the educationally-professional programs (EPP).
Objects in the certificate of External independent testing : Ukrainian and literature; mathematics; physics or foreign language.
After completion a fourth course students get the diploma of “Bachelor” after corresponding speciality of preparation. Bachelors that wish to continue studies after an educational degree  “Master’s Degree” hand over professional preliminary examination and foreign language.

Speciality: 134 Aviation and Space-rocket Technology
EPP:  “Airplanes and helicopters”.
EPP: “Aircraft equipment”.
Speciality: 272 Aviation transport
EPP: “Технічне обслуговування та ремонт повітряних суден та авіадвигунів”.
EPP: “Technologies of work and technological equipment of airports”.
EPP:  272.02 Flight Operation of Aircraft.
EPP: “Aviation Safety Management System” (only “Master’s Degree” )

Speciality: 142 Power Engineering
EPP: “Gas turbine units and compressor stations”.

Speciality:141 Electroenergetics , electrical engineering and electromechanics
EPP:  “Energy management”
EPP:  “Electric power systems”

Speciality: 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies
EPP:  “Automatics and automation in transport”.
Speciality: 105 Applied Physics and Nanomaterials
EPP:Applied physics
Speciality: 152 Metrology and information-measuring technique

EPP: «Quality, standardization and certification» (only “Master’s Degree” )