English language projects

Field of study – 13 «Mechanical engineering»
Speciality: 134 «Aviation and Rocket-Space Techniques»
Specialization: Aircraft Equipments
Expert domain: engineers on design and maintenance of aircraft mechanical equipment and aircraft systems.
Design of equipment for aircraft; development of the drawing and assembly diagram of items by methods of IT systems, solutions of the optimized configuration of equipment assemblies and components with due consideration  flight safety and crashworthiness requirements, accomplishment of calculations for designed objects and defining their performance  parameters by computer–aided design and computer-aided engineering systems.
The teaching of future engineers is heavily oriented towards the study of the equipment design, its operation characteristics, airworthiness requirements, aimed on ensuring operation effectiveness and aircraft flight safety.
Since 2014 training is conducted in English  as well as in Ukrainian
Customers:  Graduates are in demand from State Enterprise “Antonov” and other PART-21 organizations, engineering and consulting services and airline companies.

Field of study27 «Transport Services»

Specialty: 272 «Aviation Transport»
Specialization: Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
Expert domain: Retaining and restoration of aircraft airworthiness, preparation of aircraft for flight, aircraft functional systems assemblies and technical condition check and control, routine maintenance performing, evaluation of the efficiency of flight operation, commissioning the advanced methods of aircraft maintenance, engineering support of trouble-free  aircraft operation in flight.
Training is conducted in English as well as in Ukrainian.
Customers: Airlines and aviation departments of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, design engineering bureaus, research institutions, aircraft maintenance  and aviation repair enterprises.

 Specialty: 272 “Aviation  transport”
Specialization: Airport technologies and technical equipment
Expert domain:  operation of modern vehicle  and transport  equipment, special vehicles and equipment, intended for automated and powered devices supply for production processes  of ground support of aircraft flights, analуsis of the processes in airport transport systems, planning of  different vehicles interaction, advisable application of rolling stock, estimation of  vehicles performance, transportation prime cost, use efficiency of energy resources, support of fuels and lubricants supply of aircraft enterprises.
Training is conducted in English  as well as in Ukrainian.
 Customers: services and departments of airports (chief  engineer, special vehicles, apron equipment), holding companies, supporting the activity of airport licensed on concession rights, specialized departments at scientific-research and designing institutions, involved in research, development, commissioning and operation of vehicles.
Field of study – 14 «Electrical Engineering»
 Spesialty: 142 «Power Machinery » 
Specialization: Gas Turbine Plants and Compressor Stations
Expert domain:  Modern technologies of  design, construction, installation, operation, diagnostics and repair of domestic and international gas networks and their components, power systems, compressor stations of main gas pipelines, gas compressor stations and gas distributing units, gas turbine plants and their systems, gas pumping units, cleaning and heat transfer devices, systems process equipment in gas transport systems. Conducting research and development of energy-saving technologies in the transportation and storage of gas, new technologies of compression and liquefaction.
 Training is conducted in English  as well as in Ukrainian.
Customers:    The company “Ukrtransgaz”,  “Autogas” department, “Techdiagaz” department , linear production administration of trunk gas pipelines, automobile gas refilling compressor statiions, research and design orhanizations of gas transportation industry.