The National Aviation University was founded in 1933 on the basis of the Aviation Faculty of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. During this time, the university has given a start to life to thousands of aviation engineers who work in airlines, aircraft design and aircraft repair companies in Ukraine and other countries in the world.
The pride of the university the activity of a number of prominent scientists such as M.N. Chelomey, M.P. Kravchuk, T.M. Bashta, OI Kukhtenko, G.Ye. Pukhov, B.I. Kostetsky, OM Penkov, M.L. Golego and many others, has been closely linked to the history of National Aviation University.
The Aerospace Faculty is an institution of the National Aviation University. At the departments of the faculty study over 1500 students under the state order and contract-based type. For students with proficiency in the English language there are academic groups with the complete training course is conducted in English. On completion the second year of study the students have the opportunity to be engaged in scientific activities at the same time. Bachelor’s graduates have the opportunity to get a second degree in another field.
The Faculty has a strong training and scientific base on providing training of specialists in the specialties “Aviation and Space-rocket Technology”, “Aviation Transport”, “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies”, “Power Engineering”, “Electrical energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”, “Metrology and Information-measuring Technology”.
The Faculty has training and research engineering-aviation centers, a training airfield, a hangar with real models of aircraft, a test station for aircraft engines, a wind tunnel, specialized classrooms of aviation and rocket technology. Computer classes are available in all departments.
The departments of the faculty closely cooperate with industrial enterprises, aviation companies and scientific institutions, where students are trained in special subjects, industrial practices, carry out and defend diploma projects. Among these enterprises are the “Antonov” state enterprise, # 410 CA aircraft repair plant, airlines and airports of Ukraine, the “ARMA” central design bureau, the “ARTEM” state holding company, the “LUCH” design bureau, the “Ukrtransgaz” state company and others.
All first year students are provided with a dormitory. Those enrolled on state orders receive student grants.
From the third year students have the opportunity to study at the Department of Military Training.
The University has created all the conditions for quality training and active recreation: the culture and arts center, sports sections, amateur groups, a club of funny and witty, a center for yachtsmen training.
Aerospace Faculty graduates have no problems with post-graduation employment. They are welcome specialists to work in airlines, aviation companies and other sectors of the economy.
The best graduates of the faculty have the opportunity to continue their studies in postgraduate studies, to work in the faculty departments as teachers and research assistants.
Dear school-leavers and college-graduates! We invite you to study at one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions of Ukraine – National Aviation University. Aerospace Faculty is the top priority for future aviation engineers!