Specialty of the Department of Engineering, Standardization and Certification

Educational-professional program: “Designing of mechatronic systems of alternative energy sources installations”

Specialty: 142 Power Engineering

Branch of knowledge: 14 Electrical engineering

Forms of study: full-time, part-time

Term of studies: 3 years 10 months – Educational specialty “Bachelor”

The energy supply of human life is one of the most acute problem concerning humanity today. The necessity to reduce energy costs, in particular consumption of natural gas, oil and coal is the most urgent problem for Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans that 25% of total annual electricity production in Ukraine will have been “green” by 2030. Therefore, the education of highly skilled experts in the field of mechatronic systems of alternative energy sources installations design the knowledge and skills of which, will meet the requirements of the future, is actual even today.


Mechatronics is a new field of science and technology which deals with the designing and operation of machines and systems with computer control of movement, which is based on knowledge in the field of mechanics, electronics and microprocessor technology, computer science and machines and aggregates movement computer control.

Mechatronics is considered one of the most important factors of innovation, especially in the field of products and processes optimization in the field of traditional and alternative energy.



Students education of the educational-professional program “Designing of mechatronic systems of alternative energy sources installations” is carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which was established in 1933. There are 5 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers and an assistant teacher at the department, including corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 2 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology. The department is graduate: in addition to the educational-professional program ” Designing of mechatronic systems of alternative energy sources installations ” also conducts preparation of masters in the specialty 152 “Metrology and information-measuring equipment”, an educational-professional program “Quality, standardization and certification”. In recent years more than 500 specialists and masters have been graduated, who successfully work at the leading Ukrainian and foreign power machine-building, aircraft building and space industry, machine-building, chemical and light industry, instrument-making enterprises, etc.

In progress of studding, students successfully participate in research and scientific work, take part in scientific conferences, publish the received results in the department’s scientific and technical journal “Problems of friction and wear”, which is indexed in the international scientific and metric bases (Index Copernicus, EBSCO, Google Scholar, WorldCat, Crossref, РІНЦ).

Each year, students under the leadership of department’s teachers become winners of all-Ukrainian competitions of student’s scientific works and olympiads.

The graduates can continue their studies at the Department of Mechanical Engineering postgraduate training program after graduating from the magistrature and in the future become successful teachers.

The department has a modern material and technical base, laboratories and test equipment, computer class.

Non-resident students are provided with a hostel.

Partnership: The Department of Mechanical Engineering closely cooperates with energy, aircraft and machine building companies, including Motor Sich (Zaporizhia), Turboatom (Kharkiv), Progress (Kharkiv), etc.; educational establishments of Ukraine and foreign institutions, in particular with Lublin Politechnika (Poland), Bialystok State University (Poland) and China-Ukraine Aviation and Space Institute (Hangzhou), where students can practice.

The studding is conducted in Ukrainian language, carried out on the basis of state orders and at the expense of individuals and legal entities.

According to the educational-professional program the specialists, whose activities deals with designing, researching, upgrading and servicing of power engineering, aircraft building and space industry, mechanical engineering, mechatronic engineering systems, are prepared.

The principal disciplines: Alternative Energy Sources Installations; Basics of Mechanotronics; Drive Discrete Control Systems; Mechanical Constructons Parametric Synthesis of Mechatronic Systems; Industrial Programming Logic Controllers in Mechatronics; Synthesis of Mechatronic Control Systems; Mechatronic Control Systems of Alternative Energy Sources; Reliability and Safety of Technical Systems Control; Basics of Quality Management and Risk Management, etc.

Entering our specialty, you will study:

– Designing and operation principles of alternative energy sources installations;

– programming of industrial programable logic controllers for mechanical systems (software complexes CODESYS, Arduino, FST, etc.);

– development of modern mechatronic systems of alternative energy sources installations and other industrial complexes;

– to carry out workability diagnostics, to evaluate and provide safety and reliability of mechatronic control systems.

Student Services:

  • military department;
  • electronic library;
  • a library with a large fund of scientific and methodological literature:
  • Internet;
  • specialized laboratories and computer classes;
  • center of culture and arts;
  • cafeteria and dining room;
  • medical center.


for entering the specialty “Power Engineering”, an educational-professional program “Designing mechatronic systems of installations of alternative energy sources installations “:

  1. Ukrainian language and literature
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics or foreign language


  • electronics engineer of non-traditional and renewable energy production systems;
  • power engineer;
  • CAD engineer (mechanics)
  • engineer-mechanic;
  • engineer-researcher;
  • engineer in designing mechanized developments;
  • engineer of design of alternative energy sources mechatronic systems;
  • consultant on energy saving and energy efficiency;
  • engineer of automated production control systems;
  • engineer in mechanization and automation of production processes.


Department of Mechanical Engineering

03058, Kyiv, Cosmonaut Komarova ave., 1, building. 2, office 2.304, 2.306,

tel. (044) 406-77-73 (Professor Nosko Pavel Leonidovich)




Educational-professional program: “Quality, standardization and certification”

Specialty: 152 “Metrology and Information Measurement Technology”
Branch of Knowledge: 15 “Automation and Instrumentation”
Forms of study: full-time, part-time
Term of studies: 1 year 4 months – Educational specialty “Magister”
 A students admission is carried out on the 5th year according to the program of specialists studding “Magister”. Candidates with a basic (“Bachelor”) or full (“Specialist”, “Magister”) high education in any field of study are accepted.
Спеціальність: 152 «Метрологія та інформаційно-вимірювальна техніка»
Галузь знань: 15 «Автоматизація та приладобудування»
Форми навчання: денна, заочна
Термін навчання: 1 рік 4 місяці – ОС «Магістр»

Graduating students of this specialty are able to solve the following theoretical and practical problems:

  • development and implementation of quality management system at enterprises;
  • introduction and implementation in practice of monitoring research systems and internal standards in the field of standardization, certification, quality management of products and services;
  • participation in the creation of new goods types, products and new technological processes at the enterprises, their deducing on the domestic and foreign markets;
  • control over standardization, certification and product quality management by structural subdivisions;
  • realization of integration processes of strategic policy of enterprises, international norms and quality standards;
  • conducting analysis and evaluation of the current activity of enterprises in the field of quality management;
  • development of documents and regulations on standardization and certification processes; estimation of the quality management system implementation results.

Profiling disciplines: Standardization of Products and Services; Certification of Products and Services; Quality Management; Metrological Maintenance of Quality Management Processes; Information Technologies in the Field of Quality Management, Standardization and Certification; Personnel Certification; Management of Enterprise Activity; Basics of the Scientific Research; Social and Environmental Responsibility; strategic Human Resources Management; Quality Audit; Processes and Systems of Quality Management in Aviation, Business Foreign Language.
Students of full-time education have the opportunity to have pre-diploma practice abroad (Lublin, Republic of Poland, Lublin Polytechnic Institute).

After graduation, a graduate can work in institutions, organizations, enterprises of different ownership forms in any branch of the national economy and may hold the following positions:

  • Head of standardization, certification and quality institution (structural unit);
  • specialist in standardization;
  • certification specialist;
  • Specialist in standardization, certification and quality;
  • a quality specialist;
  • manager of quality systems;
  • quality system auditors;
  • security and quality professional;
  • quality engineer.

The following documents must be submitted to enter the specialty:

  1. Application form
  2. Education diploma and diploma appendix (copy)
  3. Six photos in the size of 3 × 4 cm
  4. Passport and its copy
  5. Copy of dentification code

For more information, please contact:
03058, Kyiv, Cosmonaut Komarova ave., 1, NAU,
building 2, office 408;
044-406-74-14, 066-166-38-43 (Volodymyr Borisovich Melnik)
067-599-65-05; 093-898-30-86 (Oleg Vitaliyovich Radko)
e-mail: nau_quality@ukr.net