History of the Aircraft Design Department

The history of the Aircraft Design Department begins in 1932, when at the Kiev Institute for Machines construction the Department of Design and Structural Mechanics was organized.
In 1933 the Kiev Aviation Institute was established and the Aircraft Design Department has become the part of Institute.
Since 2000 Aircraft Design Department is a part of the Aerospace Institute (Faculty) of the National Aviation University.


Since 2000 the Aircraft Design Department is headed by professor S. Ignatovich.

Currently, the team of lectures and researches combines the teaching with research and development.
The staff of the department consists of two professors, six associate professors, one senior teacher. Two members of the department support the researches,
seven person work at the unique hanger with aircraft, others support the educational process.
“Fatigue and Fracture” lab equipment provides conditions for the high level of researches conducted by Masters and PhD students as well as for the students involved into the special programs of the Institute of Innovative Technologies and Leadership.