List of subjects of the Department of Engineering, Standardization and Certification

  1. Applied Mechanics and Fundamentals of Design
  2. Material Science
  3. Fundamentals of Design
  4. Technical mechanics
  5. Electrotechnical materials
  6. Aviation Material Science
  7. Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
  8. Construction of machines and mechanisms
  9. Mechanics
  10. Aircraft Materials Science
  11. The theory of machines and mechanisms
  12. Metrology and standardization
  13. Details of Machines
  14. Standardization of products and services
  15. Management of standardization processes
  16. Certification of products and services
  17. Quality Management Systems
  18. Quality Management
  19. Certification of personnel
  20. Personnel Management
  21. Organization Theory
  22. Management of enterprise activity
  23. Fundamentals of Scientific Research
  24. Social and environmental responsibility
  25. Competence of the personnel
  26. Quality audit
  27. The basis of certification of personnel for non-destructive testing
  28. Assessment of staff compliance