The specialty of the Aircraft Design Department

Aircraft Design Department  is the graduating department on:

Field of Study: 13 “Mechanical engineering”

Speciality: 134 “Aviation and  rocket -space engineering”

Educational-professional program “Aircraft Eguipment”

Graduated from this specialty get qualification of engineer-designer (in mechanics), researcher in aero and rockets manufacturing, engineer-researcher.

BACHELOR (4 years)

Capability to carried out aircraft preliminary design, to provide engineering analyses for structure strength and durability. Knowledge of design and airworthiness requirements for aircraft, its systems, and equipment.

 MASTER (1 year and 6 months)

Advanced strength and durability analyses of aircraft structures made of metals and composite materials. Possibility to design airplanes’ cargo and passenger cabin according to crashworthiness, airworthiness and design efficiency criterions. Skills on certification supporting.

PhD (4 years)

According to the special program for PhD on Aviation and space rocket technology.

Material Base of the Department for educational processIn cooperation with Antonov design organization, Progresstech-Ukraine (engineering services company), MAUtechnic (aircraft maintenance organization) bachelors and master degree curriculums have been developed. According to that theoretical aspects of lessons and computer based trainings have practical supporting.

Department has unique training hangar with 7 airplanes and 4 helicopters of different types and classes. Aircraft have structural disassembling that allows study their structure. Operational statement of aircraft Tu-154, Let-410, An-24, Yak-42, Mil-8 give possibility for students to carried out maintenance procedures and to know how aircraft systems works

  • Material Base for students research activities: laboratory for fatigue and fracture tests; mechanical nanotesting laboratory