List of the subjects that are taught on the department

Key subjects on Bachelor degree level:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering Design
  2. Aircraft Design and Strength
  3. Aircraft Furnishing and Passenger Equipment
  4. Aircraft Systems
  5. Automation of Aircraft Designing
  6. Dynamics and Lifetime of Aviation Structures
  7. Equipment for the Aircraft Cargo and Containers Compartments
  8. Fundamentals of the Aircraft Structures Fatigue and Fracture
  9. Human Factor
  10. Introduction into Major
  11. Layout of the Passenger Aircraft Cabin
  12. Structural Mechanics

Key subjects on Master degree level:

  1. 3D modelling in Design of Aviation and Rocket-Space Technology
  2. 2. Aircraft Certification Procedures
  3. Aircraft Crashworthiness
  4. Aircraft Design and Production Organizations Certification Procedures
  5. Aircraft Design with Crashworthiness Approaches
  6. 6. Aviation Construction Materials
  7. 7. Aviation Legislation
  8. 8. Basics of the Scientific Research
  9. Computer-Based Systems for Aircraft Equipment Design
  10. Computer-Based Systems in Aircraft Industry Design
  11. Construction Materials Applying in Modern Aircraft Industry
  12. Construction Material Selection in Aircraft Industry
  13. 13. Design of the Specific Aircraft Type
  14. 14. Fundamental Principles of Aircraft Transport Cabin Design
  15. 15. Fundamental Principles of Cargo Aircraft and Its Equipment Design
  16. 16. Fundamental Principles of Rotorcraft and Its Equipment Design
  17. 17. Health Monitoring for Aircraft Structures
  18. 18. Innovative technology processes in manufacturing of aircraft equipment
  19. 19. Monitoring of the Aircraft Residual Life
  20. Modern Software Techniques for Aircraft Strength Calculation
  21. Systems for the Automated Inspection of the Aircraft Technical State