Laboratories of the TA Department

The scientific and educational laboratory of tribodiagnostics of complex technical systems.

The fields of scientific activity: detection of mechanical, physical and chemical processes, which are accompanied by changes in the geometry and surface structure of friction nodes identified by modern diagnostic methods. Objects of research: – operational properties of lubricants; – creation and development of technology for the use of tri-reducing mixtures; – evaluation of anti-wear properties of new friction and dental materials; – determination of size and intensity of wear during operation of friction units without disassembly; – trouble-shooting of the technical state of transmission of aviation gas turbine engines, internal combustion engines, reducers, units of hydro- and pneumatic drives, large power devices – prevention of emergency wear of friction units – development of mobile acoustic emission systems for monitoring the technical condition and predicting the resource of complex tribo-technical systems.
Scientific laboratories on the basis of Institutes of Problems of Strength and Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
The field of scientific activity: creation and testing of composite materials on the basis of refractory ceramic compounds, which do not contain shortage and cost components, with increased wear, heat and corrosion resistance. Application – increase of efficiency and restoration of details with operational damage, increase of the resource of trifles, increase of heat resistance, corrosion resistance. Use – for details of any configuration, which operate in conditions of shock loads, intense wear, in aggressive environments, as well as at high temperatures.
The laboratories of the department conduct practical, laboratory and individual classes with students in the field of “Technologies and Technological Equipment of Airports” for all qualification levels of specialists training.
Specialized vehicles, devices and laboratory stands are located on special areas, which include:

  • a test-stand of chassis dynamometer with a measuring complex for research of brake and dynamic characteristics of cars and special vehicles of airports;
  • a trailer test-stand – hydro-analyzer;
  • a wind tunnel for research of stability of cars to lateral wind gusts;
  • a test-stand for the study of external characteristics of diesel power plants;
  • automobile complex for the estimation of dynamic characteristics of cars and special vehicles of airports;
  • dynamometric wrench for research of coupling qualities of highways;
  • multiplastic ignition system;
  • ignition coil with liquid magneto-helium systems;
  • a test-stand for the regulation of high pressure diesel engines;
  • a motor test-stand for reading the indice of piston engines;
  • a lift truck and its hydrosystem;
  • a test-stand of the system of special equipment and a universal engine heater;
  • a test-stand of the equipment of the airfield launching unit;
  • non-destructive test-stands (microwave, magnetic, supersonic and others);
  • accumulator and distilling devices; welding machines and test-stands;
  • equipment for maintenance and repair of cars and special machines;

The indicated equipment is also used when performing Master’s qualification work.