The specialty of the TA department

Branch of Knowledge: 27 Transport
Specialty: 272 Aviation Transport
Educational – professional program: Technologies of work and technological equipment of airports
Form of education: full-time (languages of teaching – Ukrainian, English), extramural form of study (a language of teaching – Ukrainian).
Subjects in the certificate of high-school education: the Ukrainian language and literature; maths; physics or foreign language.
Term of studies: Bachelor – 4 years; Master – 1,5 years.
Object of study: Technologies of using aviation ground technology (AGT) and equipment of airports during ground handling of aircraft, passengers and cargo, technology for maintenance of airfields and provision of airports with fuel and lubricants (FL).
Teaching staff of the department: professors – doctors of sciences, associate professors – candidates of sciences, qualified teachers who have experience in work at airports, in manufacture and in scientific research structures.
Practice and prospects of employment: most of the ground-based airport services (special transport service, FL service, chief engineer officer, airfield service, aviation security service, passenger and freight services, etc.), airline ground handling aircraft handling companies, airlines, FL supply companies , motor transport companies, service centers for maintenance of AGT and other vehicles, aviation factories.
Practical training of students is carried out at the branches of the department located at Borispol International Airport, Kyiv (Zhulyany) and the leading handling companies Interavia and Master Avia. Students study modern aviation ground technology of leading world brands.
During the studies, our students have the opportunity to carry out practice at the airports and air companies of Ukraine, to conduct scientific research at the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (I.Frantsevych Institute of Problems of Materials Science, NASU, V.M. Bakul Institute of Superhard Materials, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, etc.). )
We are proud of the uniqueness of the specialty in which the aviation training institutions of the world are exclusively prepared at the Department of Technology of the airports of the National Aviation University. Guaranteed employment on the specialty “Airport technologies and airport equipment” is ensured by a high level of the knowledge gained, by studying technical English in this specialty.
We are proud of the hundreds of our graduates who work effectively at almost all airports in Ukraine and the world’s leading airports (Ben-Gurion International Airport Tel-Aviv (Israel), Calgary International Airport (Canada), Dubai International Airport (Arab Emirates), etc.), taking responsible engineering positions, managing departments of airports.
Basic education, a high level of theoretical and practical training, fundamental knowledge of aeronautical ground technology and airport technologies allows our graduates to successfully and effectively realize themselves in various branches of the economy, find themselves in modern life.
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