List of subjects of the TA department

At training of specialists of educational-qualifying level Bachelor”

Aviation ground equipment

Automation of technological processes at airports

Construction of power facilities of aviation ground equipment

Special and specialized airport equipment

The theory and design of the main landing gear of aviation ground equipment

Airport technology

Equipment for the construction of airports and airfields

Technical Operation of Aviation Ground Vehicles

Technology of ground handling of aircraft

Technologies and equipment for fuel supply

Operation of airports and airport technologies

In the training of specialists in educational and qualification level “Master”

Aircraft ground handling safety and flight safety

Operation of aviation ground equipment and airport equipment

Computer technologies for designing aviation ground equipment and airport equipment

Mathematical modeling of structural elements and aviation ground equipment systems

Mathematical models of technological processes at the airport

Fundamentals of Scientific Research

Fundamentals of Applied Engineering Technology

Certification of airports, aviation ground equipment and personnel

Technological design of airport departments

Numerical methods and programming in engineering calculations