The science of the department of TA

The department carries out the research activity on the following scientific fields:
improvement of the system of operation of aviation ground equipment; technologies of repair, restoration and strengthening of parts of ground equipment of airports and aviation ground equipment; improvement of measures to reduce the loss of FL during storage and transportation; improvement of programs and processes of training of engineers of special transport services at airports of Ukraine.
The department works as a part of the academic research-and-manufacturing complex “Aviation Ground Equipment”, which includes National Aviation University, Ukrainian Civil Aviation Association “Airports of Ukraine”, “Association of Airports of Ukraine”.
On the basis of the department a scientific-and-practical seminar “Aviation ground equipment. Scientific research, manufacture, operation and training of personnel” is held for employees of special transport services of airports of Ukraine.
The teachers of the Department take an active part in the development of state standards in the field of “Aviation Ground Equipment”. Currently, the following standards have been developed:
State Standard (SS) EN 12312-2. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 2. Vehicles for lifting loads; SS EN 12312-3. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 3. Vehicles with belt-type conveyor; SS EN 12312-4. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 4. Passenger boarding galleries; SS EN 12312-7: 2005 Aviation ground equipment – Specific requirements – Part 7: Aviation ground-based equipment; SS EN 12312-14. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 14. Means for boarding passengers with limited physical capacities and / or disabled; SS EN 12312-15. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 15. Traction units for luggage and equipment; SS EN 12312-18. Aviation ground equipment. Specific requirements – Part 18. Equipment for refueling aircraft with nitrogen and oxygen; SS EN 12312-19. Aviation ground equipment. Special requirements – Part 19. Aviationlifters, axial jacks and hydraulic tail supports.
In cooperation with the Institute for Problems of Strength of the NAS of Ukraine and the Institute of Materials Science of NAS of Ukraine, the Department of Airport Technologies conducts research in the following fields:
study of operational properties of lubricants; creation and development of technology for the use of tri-reductive mixtures; evaluation of anti-wear properties of new friction materials; determination of size and intensity of wear during the operation of friction units without disassembly; evaluation of technical condition of transmissions of aviation gas turbine engines, internal combustion engines, gear units, hydraulic and pneumatic drives units, power plants; prevention of emergency wear of friction units; development of mobile acoustic emission systems for monitoring the technical condition and predicting the resource of complex tribo-technical systems; creation and testing of composite materials based on refractory ceramic compounds that do not contain scarce and expensive components, with increased wear, heat and corrosion resistance.