The training center “Aviation-technical base”

The training aerodrome-technical base (TATB) of the Civil Aviation Institute was established in 1953 by the order of the Head of the Institute of Civil Aviation.
The leadership of the Civil Aviation Institute was faced with the challenge to begin the practical training of future aviation engineers on its base. At the training aerodrome, the first exhibits, the Po-2, the Le-2, and the Il-12 aircraft appeared, and the first lessons began.
At the various times, the TATB was headed by Pyatnitsky Igor Yevgeniyovych, Gordianko Alexey Demidovych, Prikhodko Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Potaharach Nikolai Mikhailovich, Ziatdinov Yurij Kashfovich.
In 2003, simultaneously with the creation of the State Museum of Aviation, the TATB of the Civil Aviation Institute was re-formatted at the Training Aviation Center “Aviation-Technical Base” of the National Aviation University (NAU) as a structural unit of the Research Aerospace Institute of the University, and subsequently renamed in 2017 to the Training Center “Aviation-Technical Base” (hereinafter referred to as TC ATB) of the Research Aerospace Institute of the NAU.
The TC ATB includes:
training aerodrome;
educational aircraft;
models of airplanes and aircraft engines;
training department and laboratories.
The exhibits and expositions of the State Museum of Aviation and the TC ATB are used for conducting aerodrome practices, laboratory works and familiarization practices for students of NAU.

The main task of the TC ATB is:
practical training of specialists in educational and qualification levels:
bachelor, master;
organization and conducting of search and applied scientific researches;
retraining and professional development of specialists of different educational qualification levels in the corresponding fields of knowledge.

The TC ATB carries out the following functions:
planning and development of the relevant components of educational programs;
planning and development of the relevant components of training and work curricula for training specialists;
preparation and publication of textbooks, methodical, scientific and other literature;
economic activity in accordance with the current legislation and the University Statute;
activity related to the tasks of the Institute, enshrined in the Charter of the University.

The main structural subdivisions of the TC ATB are the training laboratories:
Motor testing laboratory performs work:
studying the temperature field in the section of the turbine blade and calculating the temperature stresses in the study of sections;
research of the system of regulation of aviation engines;
practical launch of the aircraft engine TV-2-117;
To ensure the educational process, the laboratory has:
stands of working aviation engines: AI-25, TV2-117, TG-16; AI-9;
a statistical stand for scientific and practical research of the technical condition of aviation engines according to measured parameters;
statistical stand of the turbogenerator unit TG-16.
Laboratory of aviation technical maintenance works:
technical maintenance of aviation engineering;
transfer the aircraft to spring-summer and autumn-winter exploitation;
preparation of aviation equipment for laboratory and practical training;
conducting aerodrome familiarization practices and daily maintenance of aviation equipment at the training aerodrome.
Educational and methodical laboratory of aviation and radio-electronic equipment performs works:
maintaining in good condition the systems of electrical equipment and devices of aircraft, bench-simulators;
maintenance of aerodrome power sources and airborne aircraft and simulator stands in good condition;
maintenance of electric panels in the condition of airplanes, to which aerodrome power sources are connected.
To ensure the educational process, the laboratory has:
stand for checking the efficiency of electrical equipment products (blocks, contactors, relays, resistors, transistors, etc.);
UZA-1 battery packs for simultaneous charging of several aircraft batteries of type 20NKBN, 12-CAM-28;
control devices;
instrumental base.
Educational and methodical laboratory of general technological processes performs works:
Educational and methodical laboratory of general technological processes restoration of aerodrome special equipment;
material and technical support of the branches of TC ATB;
maintenance of training facilities in working condition.
To ensure the educational process, the laboratory has:
special ladders, hydraulic lifts, low and high pressure compressors for the restoration of laboratory and practical work on aircraft (put into operation).
Resource provision of the TC ATB:
educational audiences:
lecture audience number 21;
specialized audience number 25;
laboratory installation of aircraft AN-24;
laboratory setting of fuel consumption measurement;
laboratory setting of physical methods of control;
aircraft hangar with the classroom;
special place for turning and metal works.
Specialized Jobs-place:
Installation UMK-2 (installation of wheel mounting);
booth SHS (booth of high-altitude system);
installation of ultrasound (ultrasonic installation).
Educational engines:
stand of the two-circuit aviation engine Ai-25;
booth-engine TV-2-117;
static stand TG-16;
booth AI-9.
Training aircraft:
Il-76, Il-62, Tu-154, An-26, An-24, Yak-40, An-2 aircrafts;
Mi-8 helicopter.